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Supreme Science Recovery Plus for Small Animals-Dog Food-PDSA Pet & Gift Store

Supreme Science Recovery Plus for Small Animals

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Supreme Science Recovery Plus provides the ideal solution for feeding sick or convalescing small herbivores. Supreme Science Recovery Plus liquid formula is ideal for use during times of stress, inappetence or digestive sensitivity. It provides high levels of protein, fibre and vitamins, helping to restore nutritional wellbeing and when mixed with water it assists rehydration and helps stimulate natural feeding. This unique formula provides a high fibre, liquid diet which helps stabilise the digestive system and provides nutritional support to vulnerable animals. Simply 1 x Supreme Science20g recovery sachet with 90ml of warm water. Administer small amounts directly into the mouth using an appropriate oral doser. Syringes designed for the administration of this product are also available separatelyin packs of 10 - https://www.pdsapetstore.org.uk/supreme-recovery-syringe-10 If you are in any doubt, it is recommended you seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon before using this product.