Beaphar CatComfort Excellence Diffuser Refill 48ml x 3

BeapharSKU: 30543355

Size: 48ml

*Contains 3 x 48ml refills*

For use with Beaphar CatComfort® Excellence plug-in diffuser, sold with CatComfort® Excellence Calming Diffuser Starter kit. Comforts nervous or stressed cats, Beaphar CatComfort® Excellence Calming Diffuser is a long-lasting plug-in for use in the home that offers continuous calming for cats, using pheromone technology which is scientifically recognised for its calming effects. Ideal for reducing problem behaviour and supporting harmonious living in multi-cat households. Provides reassurance in stressful situations, such as separation anxiety, family gatherings, fireworks and more.


    For indoor use only.
    • Use the diffuser in the room your cat spends most of their time
    • Use continuously, do not switch off when leaving the house or overnight
    • Replace the refill reservoir with a new Beaphar CatComfort® Excellence Refill after 30 days, or when empty
    • Replace the plug-in diffuser every six months to ensure optimal performance
    • Use one diffuser per 70m²
    • Use with a 230V plug socket only

    • Don't use with a multi-socket, extension cord, an adaptor or a converter
    • Don't use a different brand refill reservoir with Beaphar CatComfort® Excellence Calming Diffuser, doing so could pose a fire risk
    • Don't use near open windows/doors or drafts as this will reduce how well the diffuser works


    F3 feline facial pheromone analogue, Maternal Appeasing Pheromone analogue, Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon q.s

    *WARNING* active ingredients isoparaffinic hydrocarbon is toxic to pets if spilled and consumed, please clean up any spills straight away.

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