Auraleze Ear Cleanser

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Size: 125ml

Auraleze Ear Cleanser

Auraleze is an ear cleanser specifically formulated to deodorise, gently clean, dry and acidify the external ear canal. Auraleze helps to maintain healthy ears and aids in the prevention of external ear infections.

Otitis externa is a very common problem in dogs and cats that manifests as inflammation and/or infection of the pinnae and canal. Certain pets and breeds are predisposed e.g. Spaniels and Basset Hounds. Otitis externa leads to a build-up of organic matter in the canal that must be cleaned away before treatment with antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory drops. Ears with otitis externa are often painful and sometimes have exposed wounds; these can be exacerbated by use of a cleanser that stings.

Auraleze is ideal for use as a cleanser during active otitis externa as it is gentle and effective at removing the organic matter and is non-irritant as it contains soothing aloe vera. It can also be used alongside any antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory ear drops that the pet needs. Auraleze can also be used as routine day-to-day ear cleaner in pets.


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