Aniwell FiltaBac - Sunblock Antibacterial Cream

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Size: 50g

Aniwell FiltaBac - Antibacterial Cream

Aniwell FiltaBac is a protective and effective antibacterial sunblock that is easily absorbed in the skin. Its formulated to nourish and condition the skin, whilst offering superb security against bacteria. Suitable for us on dogs and hoses, but not advised to be used on cats without your vets supervision. 


  • Acts as a totally natural second skin
  • Has antibacterial properties, protecting skin cells as they heal
  • Provides a protective barrier against rain, dirt and insects
  • Is a total sunblock, protecting any white, finely haired or hair-less areas from being sunburnt (nose, pasterns and ear-tips)

FiltaBac Cream is specifically designed for use on large and small animals, you first aid option at home and in the field. 

When to use:

  • Broken and grazed skin
  • Bites from other animals
  • Cuts and gashes
  • Saddle pressure/ girth rub
  • Bit pressure and mouth damage (swallowed and ingesting FiltaBac cream is harmless)
  • Fly bites and insect worry/ strike on damaged skin areas. Flies and insects are deterred by FiltaBec's viscosity 
  • Clipper rash 
  • Irritated skin: inflamed, weeping areas from mange. FiltaBac cream will help sooth the area
  • Mud fever
  • Rain scale - flaky & irritated skin
  • Sunblock protection
  • Sunburn: skin or from heat lamp exposure 

Directions for use:

  1. Cover the damaged skin with a thick coating of FiltaBac Cream. This will naturally replace the lost skin
  2. Re-apply FiltaBac to the area for up to 3 days without removing the original cover
  3. After this period, gently remove the FiltaBac Cream. Hair will re-grow naturally on the area

See it in action:

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