Flea Screen Combo - Medium Dog

KRKASKU: 30503500

Size: 1 Pip

Flea Screen Combo Spot-on Solution - Medium dogs weighing 10-20kg

FleaScreen Combo Spot-on Solution for Medium Dogs (10-20kg) kills fleas on treated dogs and prevents eggs laid by fleas exposed to FleaScreen Combo from developing for up to 8 weeks. Kills ticks on treated dogs for up to 4 weeks and treats infestations of biting lice.

FleaScreen Combo is a spot-on treatment that is applied between the shoulder blades. It is suitable for use in households on both cats and dogs.

Also available for:

Small dogs weighing 2-10kg

Large dogs weighing 20-40kg

Warnings:  Only use FleaScreen Combo for dogs if your dog is aged 8 weeks or older, and weighs more than 2kg.  Do not use if your dog is sick or recovering from an illness.  Do not use if your dog has a hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or any of the ingredients.  Do not apply on wounded or damaged skin. Do not use FleaScreen Combo for Dogs on cats or ferrets.  Do not use on rabbits, as adverse reactions including death can occur.

Treating for Fleas

For optimum flea control, all animals in the house should be treated with a suitable flea treatment, ideally every 4 weeks. Continuous regular treatments help prevent adult fleas infesting your pet and their eggs being distributed throughout the house. Fleas from cats and dogs can infest the animal’s bedding or other areas in the house where they often go. Regular vacuuming and the use of a suitable household spray may be needed if there is a heavy infestation. Controlling fleas is only part of protecting your pet and your family against harmful parasites. Provide your pet with effective flea and worm treatments regularly, to combat external parasites such as fleas and internal parasites like the roundworm Toxocara canis that can be passed to humans. Regular treatments help break the lifecycles of these parasites, helping to keep your pet and your family healthy and pest free.

Applying Flea Treatment

Always use as directed. Before use, read the package leaflet for full instructions and all warnings, including user warnings. Hold the pipette in an upright position, twist and pull the cap off. Turn the cap around and place the other end of the cap back on the pipette. Push and twist the cap to break the seal, then remove the cap from the pipette.

Part the coat on the back of the animal at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette onto the skin and squeeze the pipette several times to empty its contents completely and directly onto the skin in one spot. Do not reapply more often than at four weekly intervals. It is important to make sure that the product is applied to an area where the animal cannot lick it off and to make sure that animals do not lick each other following treatment.

This product will treat fleas, ticks and lice that live on your pet! Just make sure you apply it to your pets skin on the back of their neck (where they can't reach) every 4 weeks and don't bathe your pet for a few days afterwards, so it doesn't wash off.Remember, 50 fleas on your pet can mean up to a thousand fleas or eggs in your house! So for best results make sure to treat your home too, using a flea house spray.

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