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PDSA Vet Care Probiotic Paste for Cats and Dogs
An upset tummy can leave your dog or cat feeling ruff or less than purr-fect. Our Probiotic Paste for Cats...
Specific FRD Weight Reduction Cat Food
Specific FRD Weight Reduction has a low content of fat and high content of fibre resulting in a low energy...
Specific FCD Struvite Management Adult Cat Food
Specific FCD Crystal Prevention is for prevention of recurrence of struvite uroliths, prevention of formation of new struvite and calcium...
Specific FCD Crystal Management Light Cat Food
Specific FCD-L Crystal Management Light has low urinary values (Relative Super Saturation) and are low for both struvite and calcium oxalate...
Specific FXW Adult Cat Food
Size: 28 x 100g Specific Feline FXW Adult is a daily diet for healthy adult cats (< 8 years), also...
Specific FRW Weight Reduction Cat Food
Therapeutic Diet – Whilst a prescription is not needed to purchase this product, this diet should only be used in...