Tick and Flea Comb

MDCSKU: 30351478

A combined tick remover and flea comb in a compact design. Designed for use on multiple species to identify parasite infestation and remove ticks. This product is the only combined tick and flea comb available to effectively remove parasites from dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals.

Its ergonomic and compact design makes it comfortable to hold and gentle on the animal. It has optimum fine-tooth spacing to remove fleas, dirt, and eggs while still allowing free movement through the animals coat. A specifically designed slot may be used to remove ticks in their entirety without puncturing the tick or leaving its mouthpiece embedded.

Ideal for demonstrating parasite infestations to owners, keeping a comb in the consulting room, standing the pet on top of a piece of damp paper roll, and combing through will highlight the presence of fleas. 

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