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Porus One by Dechra

Porus One is a daily kidney support for senior cats. As cats age they can need support to help maintain healthy renal function. This can result in a build-up of waste products (uraemic toxins) in their bodies that would normally be removed or regulated by the kidneys.

How Does Porus One Work?

  • When cats digest protein, the precursors of uraemic toxins are naturally formed in the gut.
  • In a healthy cat, they pass to the liver where they are turned into uraemic toxins. These are then excreted in the cat’s urine via the kidneys.
  • Many senior cats can’t get rid of these toxins efficiently so they build up in the body. This is harmful to their health.
  • Taken with food, Porus One looks like a powder but is actually a collection of extremely tiny spheres covered in microscopic pores.
  • These smooth spheres roll harmlessly through the cat’s gut sucking up precursors like little vacuum cleaners.
  • Only these tiny molecules can be picked up by the spheres. They are trapped inside the spheres which are safely excreted in the cat’s faeces.
  • This process takes around 12-36 hours.
  • One daily dose of Porus One has a combined absorption surface equal to THREE tennis courts! Porus One is very selective and only traps the precursors of uraemic toxins. Vitamins, enzymes and cells are all unaffected.


1 Stick of Porus One (500 mg) is sprinkled over the cat food once a day and well mixed. It is essential whether it is a diet or conventional feed. Porus One is tasteless and odourless and is therefore well tolerated by cats adhering to the food.

Active Ingredients

  • Renaltec™


  • 30 x 500 mg


What is Porus®One?
Developed by vets, Porus®One is a daily oral support for senior cats and cats that have impaired kidney function.
How is Porus®One used?
Porus® One is a powder this is sprinkled on your cat’s wet food. It has a neutral taste and smell so your cat will not notice it. For cats that prefer dry food, Porus® One can be mixed with a moist cat treat such as Add® One.
How long should I offer Porus®One to my cat?
It is perfectly safe to offer Porus® One to your cat every day
What’s in the box?
1 box of Porus®One contains 30 single-dose sachets, each containing 500 mg of Renaltec.

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