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Oralade Rehydration Fluid (6 x 500ml)


Oralade is an exciting new palatable ORT product, designed to meet both the hydration and early nutrition needs of companion animals.

A ready to use, unique Isotonic formula, Oralade has an osmolarity of about 300 mOsm/L, which enables fast fluid absorption and electrolyte replacement.

Highly palatable Oralade uses a natural biological chicken liver flavour, giving it high acceptance for both cats and dogs. Combined with purified water, it contains none of the chlorides often found in treated mains water and also none of the preservatives or citrates (which are non palatable to cats and dogs) commonly used in most powder ORT products.

If you are in any doubt, it is recommended you seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon before using this product.

6 Bottles