Beco Large Poop Bags | Unscented

BecoSKU: 30423150

Size: 60 (4 x 15)

Beco Large Poop Bags | Unscented

These bags are big, strong and leak-proof. Coming in at 22.5 x 33cm they are extra long and thick to protect your hands. Made using 40% post-consumer recycled material, every roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core, the cardboard packaging is recycled and recyclable. These rolls will fit in all standard bag dispensers and are also available in mint-scented options.


Bags: 22.5 x 33cm - these bags are extra long and thick to protect your hands.


  • Cornstarch PLA
  • Home compostable
  • OK Compost TUV Home S0329, ASTM 6400 and EN13432 certified.

Product Care

Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of pets and children.

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