Add One Salmon Flavour 10mg Sachets x 30

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Size: 6 x 100g

Add One by Dechra

Add One has been developed by vets to help cat owners administer Porus One. It is particularly helpful for cats that prefer dry food. Simply mix this moist, tasty treat with Porus One and dry cat food to encourage them to eat it. Contains a portion of creamy salmon sauce plus omega-3 and plenty of moisture.

Key Benefits

  • Contains a tasty portion of creamy salmon sauce
  • High moisture content helps support kidney function
  • Contains taurine to support eye and heart health
  • Rich in omega - 3
  • No added sugar, colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • Handy 10g portions
  • An ideal mixer for administering Porus® One if your cat is on a dry renal diet or prefers dry cat food


  1. Open the Add One sachet at the top end
  2. Pour the entire contents on to a spoon or into a feeding bowl
  3. Mix with Porus One
  4. Offer the cat the mixture before its regular food serving
  5. Feed the cat as normal

Active Ingredients

  • Meat and animal byproducts, fish and fish byproducts (6 % salmon), plant byproducts, milk and dairy products, oils and fats, inulin (0.1 %).


  • 30 x 10 g

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