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Specific FXW Adult Cat Food

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Size: 28 x 100g
Specific Feline FXW Adult is a daily diet for healthy adult cats (< 8 years), also cats that suffer from diabetes mellitus and idiopathic cystitis.

A complete, balanced diet with high quality and highly digestible ingredients which meets the nutrient requirements of adult cats. The diet has a moderate energy content, which helps to maintain the cat's ideal body weight.
EPA and DHA are both omega-3 fatty acids with a beneficial effect on the maintenance of healthy skin, coat and joints.
In cats, amino acids rather than glucose trigger the insulin release and excess intake of carbohydrate is often not well tolerated. Therefore the increased level of protein and the low content of carbohydrates make the diet suitable for cats with diabetes mellitus.
High quality and highly digestible ingredients ensure an optimal uptake of nutrients from the diet, whilst reducing faecal output.

Pork, beef, fish, eggs, psyllium husk, rice, minerals, powdered cellulose, vitamins and trace elements, taurine, methionine. It contains no artificial antioxidants, colours or flavouring.
If you are in any doubt, it is recommended you seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon before using this product.