YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks for Small Dogs x 14

YuMoveSKU: 30537578

Size: Small Dogs x 14

YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks

YuMOVE’s multi-action Dental Care Sticks are an innovative dental regime, developed by veterinary scientists to target plaque, freshen breath, and create a barrier along the teeth and gums. Its fast-acting formula means you can expect to notice a difference in your dog’s mouth in just 4 weeks.

The unique, scientifically proven ActivBarrier™ technology targets existing bad breath and plaque, but also tackles the root cause – the balance of bacteria in your dog’s mouth. What’s more, ActivBarrier™ helps to reduce the formation of new plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

Give one Dental Care Stick every other day to maintain a healthy mouth. Your dog will love these tasty dental sticks – they’re made with natural ingredients and are gentle on tummies, too.

YuMOVE have been researching their products for more than 15 years. But they’ve been pet lovers for a lot longer. They’re dedicated in their mission to ensuring all pets live an active life, for life. YuMOVE is the UK’s no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand,* and they support over 2 million dogs each year.**

Supports overall oral health
Only YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks contain ActivBarrier™ soft centre, which is designed to create a barrier along teeth and gums. Proven to target bad bacteria while supporting the naturally good bacteria, ActivBarrier™ supports the mouth’s natural defences, helping maintain healthy teeth and gums. It also helps to reduce new plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

Targets plaque
The flexible spiral shape is designed to maximise contact with the tooth surface, effectively cleaning away existing plaque from the surface of the teeth.

Freshens breath
As your dog chews, the ActivBarrier™ soft centre is released, targeting the bacteria that cause bad breath and supporting the naturally good bacteria. A cleaner mouth means fresher breath.

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