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Worming Tablets for Cats

Worms, including hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms, can be picked up when cats have these nasty parasites on their fur that they ingest when grooming, or from birds and mice that they may catch outdoors. Cat worming is something that all owners should be doing regularly to avoid upset stomachs and toilet troubles. With WormScreen Combo for cats, your furry friend will be free from nasty parasites!

Special instructions: Always use as directed. Before use, read the package leaflet for full instructions and all warnings, including user warnings.  The tablets are to be given directly into the mouth but can be administered in a small amount of food if necessary.  Store unused parts of the halved tablets in the blister foil and below 250C.  These can be used within one month of opening. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Remember to treat for lungworm as well. 

Warnings: Do not use WormScreen for Cats in kittens less than 6 weeks or weighing less than 1kg as correct dosing may not be possible.  Do not use in animals that are shown to be allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not use in pregnant cats.  Do not use at the same time as other worming products or those that contain piperazine. Please weigh your cat, do not overdose.

How to control worms in cats

Intestinal worms in cats are very common, but it is often difficult to see if your cat has worms. Worms can be picked up from many places, such as when hunting and eating rodents, going near or eating other animals’ faeces, grooming and ingesting fleas. Cat worms can also be caused by humans entering the house, unwittingly carrying the odd flea or egg on clothing or shoes. This cat wormer works by killing worms that are in your cat’s gut, so to prevent worm reinfection, it is recommended to worm your cat regularly for both tape and round worms every three months. 

How often should I worm my cat?

If your cat is a hunter, then they are more risk if they decide to eat the mice, rats, voles and anything else they manage to catch, so you may wish to consider worming your cat as frequently as every month.

Kittens can get worms from their mother’s milk and require more frequent worming. It is recommended that kittens are wormed every two weeks until they are eight weeks old.  At eight weeks, they can be wormed monthly until six months old and then this can be reduced to every three months. For pregnant and nursing cats, it’s recommended to worm at the end of the pregnancy and once when kittens are feeding on their mother’s milk.

Controlling worms is only part of protecting your pet and your family against harmful parasites. Provide your pet with effective flea and worm treatments regularly, to combat external parasites such as fleas and internal parasites like the roundworm Toxocara canis that can be passed to humans. Regular treatments help to keep your pet and your family healthy and pest free.


WormScreen Tablets for Cats are for oral use only and can be given with a small amount of food.

Please weigh your cat to ensure the correct dose for your cat:

Body Weight Tablets
1.0-2.0kg 1/2
2.1-4.0kg 1
4.1-6.0kg 1 1/2
6.1-8.0kg 2
Use this worming product to treat roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms. It's a good idea to use this with a flea treatment as fleas and tapeworms share a life cycle, so if they have one they're likely to have the other.

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