Car Safe Harness - Crash Tested

CentaurSKU: 30508310

Size: Small

Car Safe Harness - Crash Tested

This crash test certified dog car harness will keep your dog safe and secure. It utilizes your car seat belt system to create a safe dog car seat belt for your pet. Thanks to its cushioned and breathable layers, your dog can travel in comfort. Suitable for a wide range of dog sizes and breeds, it can also be used as a walking dog harness when you arrive at your destination.

Size guide:

Product Maximum neck size Chest size
XS 34cm / 13.5in 40-50cm / 16-20in
S 42cm / 16.5in 50-60cm / 20-23.5in
M 54cm / 21.25in 60-72cm / 23.5-28in
L 60cm / 23.75in
72-86cm / 28-34in

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