Car Dog Harness - RAC

RACSKU: 30196353

Size: Small

RAC Dog Harness 

These popular dog harnesses are an ideal way to keep you family dog restrained on the back seat of the car. The harness provides flexibility for your pet to sit and stand comfortably but prevents them from jumping around the cabin and causing a distraction.

The harness features a soft nylon padding to provide comfort for you dog and attaches to most car seat belt systems. The large surface area of the harness helps to distribute the mass of your dog during emergency or sudden stops. The dog harness will also double up as a walking harness by attaching your dog's lead to the D ring at the rear. This means that you can leave the harness in place on day trips to reduce the need to fit and remove it while out and about.

Size Guide:


Chest Girth near Front Legs


30 - 40cm


41 - 58cm


51 - 76cm

Extra Large

56 - 89cm

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