FT-H SPECIFIC™ Healthy Treats for cats

SpecificSKU: 30519703

Size: 10 x 50g

FT-H SPECIFIC™ Healthy Treats | Crunchy treats | Creamy fish centre| 50 gLow in fat and energy

  • Low protein
  • Low mineral content 

Why choose SPECIFIC Healthy Treats?

SPECIFIC Healthy Treats are suitable as a daily treat for cats.

  • Rich in fresh fish from sources certified as sustainable
  • Moderate in protein, phosphorus and magnesium making them suitable for cats with kidney or urinary conditions

It is recommended to reduce daily food rations corresponding to the amount of treats given.


Dried sweet potato, fresh fish, dried chickpeas, pea starch, pea protein, poultry fat, dried peas, cellulose powder, liver meal, sunflower oil, animal protein hydrolysate, fish oil. Contains no added artificial antioxidants, colours or flavourings.

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