CT-DC-L SPECIFIC™ Dental Chews Large for dogs 100g x 6

SpecificSKU: 30519714

Size: 100g x 6

CT-DC-L SPECIFIC™ Dental Chews Large | Help reduce plaque and tartar | Support fresh breath| 100 g x 6

  • Helps reduce plaque and tartar
  • Support fresh breath
  • Support dental health

Why choose SPECIFIC Dental Chews Large?

SPECIFIC Dental Chews Large are suitable as a treat for healthy adult dogs over 15 kg.

  • Special flexible texture and open structure that allows teeth to penetrate deep into the chew, scraping the teeth clean, along with a long chewing time this ensures excellent cleaning.
  • Hexametaphosphate helps prevent tartar by binding calcium in saliva, preventing calcification of plaque
  • Vitamin C phosphate limits growth of oral bacteria, plaque and tartar
  • Seaweed: reduces plaque, tartar and the volatile sulphur components that cause bad breath
  • Green tea extract and eucalyptus oil support fresh breath

It is recommended to reduce daily food rations corresponding to the amount of treats given.


Rice flour, potato starch, vegetable glycerine, dried pork protein, cellulose powder, dried seaweed, minerals (including 2% sodium hexametaphosphate), maize protein, green tea extract, eucalyptus oil, parsley oil, pomegranate extract, cranberry extract. With natural antioxidants (tocopherols and vitamin C). The treats contain no artificial colours or flavourings.

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