Soft-E Smart Cone/ Collar

MDCSKU: 30305823

Size: Extra Small (Size 1)

Soft-E Smart Collar

*please view the sizing guide below before purchasing*

The Soft-E Smart Collar is a comfortable Elizabethan collar for use after surgery to stop your pet chewing or licking stitches and wounds. Unlike other collars, the Soft-E absorbs noise making it very well tolerated. 

The Soft-E Smart Collar is made of padded fabric and provides an effective barrier to licking or pulling at sutures or self-trauma of wounds. The material is uncoated non-woven fabric, which is non-allergenic, non-toxic and water resistant. Very simple to use, it features a drawstring design enabling a precise and secure fit. 

Unlike a traditional Elizabethan collars, the Soft-E Smart Collar is flexible, lightweight, folds flat for easy storage and springs back into shape when needed.

Size Guide: 

Size Size Neck Length
Extra Small 1 24cm 10cm
Small 2 31cm 14cm
Medium 3 40cm 16cm
Large 4 50cm 20cm
Extra Large 5 53cm 24cm
Greyhound/ Lurcher 6 40cm 32cm

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