Smart Eco Biodegradable Poo Bags

MDCSKU: 30284836

Size: 1 Roll (50 Pack)

Smart Eco Biodegradable Poo Bags

The Smart Eco biodegradable poo bags are great for picking up your dogs waste for disposal. They're friendly on the planet, whilst ensuring quality and strength to get the job done! These biodegradable poo bags come as a roll of 50 and each bag is generous in size (27cm x 20cm with 12cm depth), the perfect poo bag to cater for all breeds of dogs. They have extra-long 12cm handles to allow for easy tying and carrying to a disposal point. 

These bags are not only used by pet owners, but veterinary practices, groomers, training clubs and kennels. Meeting ISO international standards for biodegradability and packed in plastic-free, recyclable wrapping. These dog poo bags are your answer to keeping green and clean!

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