Gentian Violet Antibacterial Spray

GentianSKU: 30355402

Size: 240ml

Gentian Violet Antibacterial Spray

Vet Aquadent helps to limit the formulation of tartar and plaque on your pet's teeth and keep their breath fresh. Simply add Vet Aquadent to your pet's drinking water to provide clinically tested oral hygiene care every time your pet drinks, It's a refreshing and palatable solution containing Chlorhexidine (anti plaque) and Xylitol (reduce tartar) to help fight your pets bad breath.

Please note: Xylitol can have toxic effects to pets after accidental consumption of products designed for human use that contain larger quantities of Xylitol. The very low levels of Xylitol in this product means it is safe for pets when diluted as directed.

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