Cat Urine Sample Collection Kit

Size: 1 Kit

Catrine Urine Collection Kit

This Catrine Urine Collection Kit is a convenient and hassle free way to collect feline urine samples. Collecting a urine sample can be a very difficult task, but by using this Urine Collection kit, this task makes it quick and easy to do. The kit comes with a 200g bag of non-absorbent pellets. Simple replace the litter in your cat's litter tray with the Catrine Litter provided and wait for your cat to use it. 

The kit consists of a 250g bag of non-absorbent pellets. Simple put in your cat litter tray, use the pipette to collect urine  which you put in the cat tray, a pipette for collecting the urine sample and a disposable plastic tube for storage.

Catrine Litter does not absorb or change the urine in any way, so it becomes a simple matter of drawing it up with the included pipette and storing it in the plastic tube provided.

Catrine Pearl Litter 200g
Disposable Plastic Tube

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