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Vetguard Active Wound Gel - PDSA Pet Store

Vetguard Active Wound Gel

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Vetguard Active Wound Gel is a protective gel which can be used on horses, dogs and cats. It dries to a 'second skin' within 10 minutes depending on the type of wound. This product is a great alternative to plasters, bandages and dressings by providing a sterile cover across the wound but also continuing to disinfect the wound even after it has finished drying, meaning wounds stay contaminant free, giving long-lasting protection, and ultimate peace of mind.
Use to cover wounds in hard to reach places or where scarring is unwanted. Excellent on the following wound types: Hot spots, bites, burns, debrided wounds, fragile skin, roasties, wounds in ‘furry’ places. Used as a liquid plaster/ second skin to keep wounds clean and bacteria free. Keeps wounds moist, but contaminant free, resulting in accelerated healing, and decreased scar tissue formation.
If you are in any doubt, it is recommended you seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon before using this product.