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Douxo Calm Itching Elimination Mousse
Douxo Calm Mousse is used on dogs to help eliminate pruritus and itching. It helps to moisturise, restore the skin...
Coatex Medicated Shampoo
A comprehensive formulation that provides the specific active ingredients necessary to ensure safe fast and effective results. Coatex Medicated Shampoo...
Dermocanis High GLA Shampoo
Dermocanis shampoo contains borage oil, one of the richest natural sources of essential fatty acids Gamma Linoleic Acid which aids...
Douxo Pyo Shampoo
Douxo Pyo Shampoo should be used as required and can be used in combination with Douxo Mousse. It should be...
Douxo Pyo Mousse
Douxo Pyo Mousse is an easy to use product which can be used in combination with the Douxo Pyo Shampoo....
Douxo Calm Shampoo
Douxo Calm Shampoo is a soothing lathering solution that contains hinokitiol and phytosphingosine. It’s a topical treatment of allergy and...