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Vetguard Antimicrobial Shampoo
Vetguard Antimicrobial Shampoo can be used on cats, dogs and horses even on the most sensitive areas without drying out...
Clix Noises and Sounds CD
Use of the CLIX Noises & Sounds CD is a proven technique for the treatment and prevention of sound phobias...
Pet Remedy Mini / Travel Calming Spray
Pet Remedy works alongside the brain’s natural messengers called neuro-transmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either...
Animology Stink Bomb Dog Deodorising Spray
Animology Stink Bomb deodorising spray is a best selling product, loved around the world. This vitamin enriched spray is suitable...
Animology Puppy Fresh Spray
Animology Puppy Fresh deoderizing spray is a vitamin enriched spray suitable for puppies from the age of 6 weeks old...
Ancol Metal Comb for Medium/Coarse Coats
Ancol Metal 7" Medium/Coarse Comb is useful for removing dead hair, locating tangles and maintaining a regular check on your...
Pet Head Oatmeal Shampoo
Comfort for your dog. Natural shampoo blended with oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamins E & C, heal and protect sensitive skin....
Arm & Hammer Dental Rinse for Dogs
Arm & Hammer Dental Rinse for Dogs helps to improve your pets oral hygiene as they drink. Simply add to...
Arm & Hammer Dental Spray for Dogs
Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Spray helps to control tartar and keep your pet's teeth and gums clean. This is...
Arm & Hammer 3 Sided Toothbrush
Arm & Hammer 3 Sided Toothbrush covers all parts of your dogs gum line and is extremely easy to use....
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste and Brush Set
Arm & Hammer Advanced Pet Care Tartar Control Toothpaste and Brush Set is designed to brighten and whiten your dogs...
Pet Head Dry Clean Spray for Dogs
Get fresh in a flash! This spray on non-rinsing shampoo from Pet Head cleanses your dog's coat without water. Also...
Ancol Ergo Maxi Knot Buster
Ancol Ergo Knot Buster is designed to gently cut through matts and knots in the coat without damaging the animal's...
Furminator DeShedding Shampoo
Furminator DeShedding Shampoo is a blend of natural ingredients helps protect against excessive shedding leaving a healthy and shiny coat....
Nylabone Dura Chew
This chicken flavored, long lasting Nylabone chew is made from injection-molded nylon, and is especially designed for strong chewers. Designed...
Nylabone Dura Chew Multipack
A value pack of Nylabones designed for powerful chewers. Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque &...
Arm & Hammer Dental Mints for Dogs
Arm & Hammer Dental Mints for Dogs are a pet friendly approach to better dental health. The crunchy texture of...
Mikki Pet Nail File
The Mikki Nail File is a great alternative for nervous pets or perfect for pampering your pet with a pedicure...
Animology Dirty Dawg No Rinse Dog Shampoo
Animology Dirty Dawg no-rinse shampoo is suitable for all types of dog coat and is most useful as a 'spot'...
Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone
This Nylabone Wishbone is designed for powerful chewers. Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque & tartar...
Chewdles Daily Dental Care