Diets to suit even the fussiest cats and treatments for those pesky fleas – we have the very best, vet-approved cat food, toys and accessories available in our online shop.

From grooming accessories and toys, to feline healthcare and specialist food, we sell a huge range of supplies to keep your cat or kitten safe and happy.

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Vetguard Antimicrobial Shampoo
Vetguard Antimicrobial Shampoo can be used on cats, dogs and horses even on the most sensitive areas without drying out...
AntiSept Disinfectant Wound Spray
AntiSept Disinfectant spray is a disinfectant solution with antibacterial and antifungal properties designed to keep wounds and lesions clean. For...
Pet Remedy Mini / Travel Calming Spray
Pet Remedy works alongside the brain’s natural messengers called neuro-transmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either...
Pet Head Oatmeal Shampoo
Comfort for your dog. Natural shampoo blended with oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamins E & C, heal and protect sensitive skin....
Mikki Cotton Glove for All Coats
The Mikki Cotton Gloves are a specially designed textured glove with circular protrusions that cause friction between the glove and...
Kong Fuzz Bug for Cats
Fuzz Bugs are stretchy and crinkly with a fun rattle sound, providing sensory appeal for the natural hunting instincts of...
Mikki Pet Nail File
The Mikki Nail File is a great alternative for nervous pets or perfect for pampering your pet with a pedicure...
Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy & Treat Dispenser
Kitty Kong is a toy and treat dispenser designed specifically to tap into the natural curiosity and hunting instincts of...
Douxo Care Pads
Douxo Care Pads are very gentle and are impregnated with a cleansing solution. They are used for small surfaces such...
Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers
Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers are easy to use scissor action trimmers for your cat's nails. They are safe, accurate...
Red Dingo Reflective Cat Collar - Red
Red Dingo Reflective Cat Collars are essential for cats who like to stay out late. The light reflecting design ensures...
Pet Head Dry Clean Shampoo for Cats
Get fresh in a flash! This spray on non-rinsing shampoo from Pet Head cleanses your cat's coat without water. Also...
Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support Tablets
Natural Science Joint Support is a high-fiber supplement containing various beneficial ingredients to support the overall joint health of your...
Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support Tablets
Natural Science Digestive Support is a high-fiber supplement containing various herbal ingredients to support the digestive health of your pet....
Ancol Metal Comb for Medium/Coarse Coats
Ancol Metal 7" Medium/Coarse Comb is useful for removing dead hair, locating tangles and maintaining a regular check on your...
Ancol Ergo Maxi Knot Buster
Ancol Ergo Knot Buster is designed to gently cut through matts and knots in the coat without damaging the animal's...
Ancol Cat Collar "Do Not Feed"
New Break-away safety release buckle will release if the collar meets with any type of resistance, such as getting caught...